Tapping deeply into Jesus

The Gathering

Church for all ages on a Sunday Morning, children’s and youth programs for all ages, moving music and
inspiring messages of hope. A place to grow faith, fnd new friends and be inspired!


That message was just for me today… you have no idea...” 

“We like your church. Our family likes your church. We like what you say”

“This is the best thing we have ever done with our lives… we feel so much at home”



An opportunity for men, women, young adults to explore the most profound story ever told.

Local Communities of Hope and Compassion

Small Groups dedicated to living their faith by making our community healthier. Hands on, sleeves rolled up Christanity, making a difference.

​All ages, meals, interactive, exploring faith.

“I didn’t think this would be my thing, but I love this new family I gained”


“I feel like I belong somewhere”